Tetratex is a high performance textile material developed by Donaldson Company Inc. of the United States, whose spec shows distinguished waterproofness and breathability. Micro-porous Tetratex membrane achieves two contradictory functions of waterproofness and breathability by laminating together with nylon and polyester. The membrane blocks out rain and snow while vaporizing perspiration, which prevents dew condensation inside the clothes and always keeps the inner condition dry and warm. Owing to Donaldson’s bonding technology, the fabric on which the membrane is laminated is durable against washing and folding, and keeps its function and wearing comfortablility for a long time. In addition, the fabric is also durable against discoloration so that the range of use could be diverse: outdoor gears, sports wears and so on. Tetratex is adopted as the material of the uniform of police officers and fire fighters, and its superior function in severe conditions is highly appreciated. Tetratex Breathability of Tetratex/Waterproofness of Tetratex Tetratex line-up


 Hyglater Keeps You Dry.

Hyglater powder integrated with the fiber repeats heating up and cooling down according to the amount of moisture, which enables the fabric itself to dry automatically and always keeps the inner condition dry. The function is durable because the powder is integrated in molecular level.

 Hyglater controls the temperature of
your skin and muscle.

The function of absorbing and vaporizing perspiration effectively is vital to inner wears.  Hyglater keeps your comfortability controlling the temperature of your skin and muscle; it reduces stress during exercising and prevents troubles.

Kinesio Cut

Special taping

Kinesio Cut bonding wear covers the skin with 2-way stretch fabric formed by two sections. One part is very slippery and the other part where supporting tapes are bonded generates resistance of friction inside. The tapes lift up the skin and increase movability of the body and also supports smooth movement. Kinesio Cut bonding wear gives comfort to every kind of athletes and exercisers.

Releasing you from fatigue quickly

Kinesio Cut bonding wear reduces your fatigue by suppressing accumulation of lactic acid during exercise.

Proper pressure lessens the burden on your body

Proper pressure of Kinesio Cut bonding wear protects you from troubles caused by unbalance of your muscle.

Kinesio Cut bonding wear enables your body to generate energy efficiently with less consumption of oxygen so that you can keep stable level of exercise for a long time.


    Special fabric for waterproofness and breathability. Vapor inside the cloth goes outside while stopping rain and water drops.


    Special urethane lamination film for breathability. It fulfills all the requirements for active sports.


    The stretchable fabric supports your body movement and gives you comfortable fitting.


    A lamination fabric with waterproofness and breathability at high level. It has the function to eject perspiration, which prevents dew condensation and also prevents penetration of rain and water.

  • estar 2000

    High-performance 4 way stretch fabric (outside surface/flat)

  • e make you faster

    High-performance 4 way stretch fabric (outside surface/stripes)


    High-performance lamination fabric with breathability, windproofness, waterproofness and water resistance. Waterproofness: above 10,000mm/H2O, Breathability: above 8,000g/m2/24hr.

  • entrant SP 20000

    It provides comfortability even in storm and heavy rain by its excellent performance of waterproofness, breathability, water resistance and windproofness. Waterproofness: above 20,000mm/H2O, Breathability: above 8,000g/m2/24hr.

  • Breathtech dry-up

    Breath tech Dry-Up is the fabric which absorbs and vaporizes your perspiration quickly. It also has the functions of anti-bacteria, anti-odor and UV cut.

  • UV care

    The fabric with its UV cut feature protects your skin from strong sunshine.

  • Breathtech premium

    Breath tech Premium is the fabric, which absorbs and vaporizes perspiration quickly. The function gives you even more comfort when you exercise.


    ADVANCE STRETCH is hybrid of durable 3 layer fabric and 2.5 layer stretch fabric, which are properly arranged. ADVANCE STETCH gives even more functionality to ONYONE rain wears

  • Breathtech

    Breathtech membrane bonded to the fabric with special technique materializes both high waterproof performance and supple touch.

  • Breathtech 2.5

    Special printing is added on 2 layer high performance fabric, which makes up Breath tech 2.5 fabric. It achieves high waterproofness, high breathability and excellent lightness.

  • Breathtech 3

    Three kinds of functional materials bonded with special technique makes up the high performance fabric, Breath tech ADVANCE 3, whose features are excellent waterproofness and durability.


    Waterproofing, a vapor transmission insert film with a release function of the sweat to prevent invasion of rain, the water from the outside, and to be filled with in a glove.